Villawood East Public School

Aim High

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Villawood East Public School Policies

VEPS Anti Bullying Policy

Any behaviour that infringes on other peoples' safety such as harrassment, bullying or any illegal behaviour will not be tolerated at our school.

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VEPS Anti Bullying Policy (2023)


Attendance at school is compulsory.  When a child is absent from school a note from the parent or guardian must be received explaining the absence (see following sheet for example notes).  Children who arrive late i.e. after 9.15am must report to the office. If the child is expected to be absent for an extended period i.e. for more than 2 days, please contact the school. If you wish to take your child out of school for part of a school day, call first at the office with proof of identity.  This is a safeguard against wrongful removal of a child from school.  No child may leave school during the day except with a parent or responsible adult authorised by the parents.

A Home-School Liaison Officer (HSLO) regularly monitors class rolls and will contact parents when there is concern about the number or regularity of absences.

Supervision by teachers is provided from 8.45am until 3.15pm.

School Values - Safe, Respectful Learner