Villawood East Public School

Aim High

Telephone02 9724 3339

Our Philosophy

We believe that children:

kids playing in the sand


  • Are individual, capable, resourceful, creative and active participants in learning.


  • Learn most effectively when they have developed a strong sense of wellbeing and connectedness derived from trusting relationships with both peers and educators.
  • All learn differently and have the right to make choices as well as have opportunities to develop confidence in acquiring new skills.
  • Benefit from a healthy lifestyle.  We promote healthy eating, sun safe practices and exercise


- Should be confident in using technology and understand that it is a tool to seek information, enhance communication and learning.


- Should feel a sense of agency by being able to make choices and decisions about things that affect them.






Our Preschool Program is:

kids using paint


  • Based on The National Quality Framework and the Early Years Learning Framework. We encourage and support a child's sense of belonging, being and becoming.
  • A play based program that allows children to become confident in all areas of development. By providing opportunities for children to explore, investigate, imagine, listen and ponder. Educators tap into the children's strengths and interests to create a love of life-long learning.
  • A holistic approach to learning that provides opportunities to promote physical movement, cognitive and numeracy skills, linguistic development, literacy awareness social, personal, spiritual, creative and healthy lifestyle choices. Such opportunities are interwoven and integrated into our day.
  • Based on equity and inclusion and the notion that all children are competent learners that can succeed, regardless of background or ability.
  • Exploding with opportunities for children to create a connection with the land. We believe in fostering these connections to create a sustainable future by supporting children to understand their impact on their environment and the world around them.


Our educators are valued and committed individuals who:

kids drawing with chalk
  • Provide an environment that is welcoming, safe, secure, supportive, caring and inclusive for all children and families, respecting and honouring the diversity of our children, families, educators and the community.
  • Provide a high quality play-based program offered by experienced and qualified early childhood educators.
  • Acknowledge and respect that parents and carers are children's first and most influential teachers.


- Use flexible, teaching and learning environments responsive to the children's interests, skills and abilities. Experiences provided are open ended, where children can engage and motivate their own learning. Children are given opportunities to experiment, discover, explore, question, take challenges, think independently and express their ideas.




Our community:

we acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land, the Darug People image
  • Plays an important role in the direction of children's learning due to the diverse cultures, values, beliefs and practices they bring. These should be celebrated and reflected in our everyday learning environments
  • We believe in developing real connections within our local community and acknowledge the wider community as a whole. This includes acknowledging the Darug people. With these connections we believe children, families and Educators will have a greater sense of ‘belonging' while ‘being' in the moment to ‘become' confident and resilient members of our community.


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