Villawood East Public School

Aim High

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Learning Support

Special Programs

Support services available within the school

At Villawood East, there a number of services available to assist children with special needs. 

Support Teacher (Learning Assistance)

The school has the services of a Support Teacher who has the special task of assisting pupils with learning difficulties.  The ST(LA) and classroom teacher work co-operatively to plan and conduct programs to meet the student's individual needs.

E.S.L.-  (English As a Second Language Teacher)

The E.S.L. teacher assists pupils from non-English speaking backgrounds with the English language.  This program operates in close co-operation with classroom teachers. 

R.F.F Teacher (Relief from face-to-face teaching)

This teacher takes classes for set lessons arranged with the classroom teacher at a set time each week.  During this time, the classroom teacher is relieved from class to undertake other duties, such as parent interviews, preparation, marking, etc.

ESSP (Early Student Support Program)

This teacher works with children from Kindergarten to Year 2 who are experiencing specific learning difficulties.  Referral must be made to the School Counsellor for testing, to be followed by District office approval.

Reading Recovery

This special program is designed to prevent reading failure and operates in Year 1 only.  Each child in the program has a half hour reading lesson 1:1 each day with a specially trained Reading Recovery Teacher.  Children stay in the program for up to 20 weeks.

Community language program

Arabic and Vietnamese language programs provide 2 hours instruction per week for children of Arabic and Vietnamese language background.  The program aims to maintain and extend the child's first language.

Home reading

The Home Reading Scheme operates in all classes from K-Yr6.  Children take home books which they borrow from their classroom. Parents are asked to encourage children to participate in this scheme