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Children are eligible to be enrolled in Kindergarten provided that they have their fifth birthday by 31st July of that year.  All children should enrol at the beginning of the school year, and all children must be enrolled by their 6th birthday.

It is a Departmental regulation that a birth certificate or some other appropriate document verifying a child's date of birth be shown when enrolment takes place.

In conjunction with the enrolment form, parents are requested to complete an emergency and medical card which is designed to assist the school to best cater for a child's needs.

Please see the enrolment page for further information.

Fundraising Canteen

The P & C run fundraising days 3 times a week where students can order their lunch before school and buy iceblocks, drinks and other snacks at break time. 

It is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1st Break. The fundraising canteen is run by volunteers, anyone is welcome to assist after speaking with the P & C committee.

Kindergarten Preparation

At Villawood East Public School there is a Kindergarten transition program to prepare children for starting school. This includes a Kindergarten Orientation Morning and organised visits to the school and classrooms. To prepare your child further for starting school:

  • Tell your child all she/he wants to know about school beforehand making it sound pleasant.
  • Allow your child to stay with relatives or friends for short periods so that he will accept the fact that it is not always possible to be with parents.  Make sure that you always return when you say you will.
  • Make sure that the child can manage his clothing-buttons, zippers etc.
  • Make sure that your child can understand the difference between little and big lunch and can undo the wrapping.  Little children often have difficulty with plastic wrap.
  • Be sure to update your child's immunisation record.

It is also very helpful if the child can recognise their name and identify their belongings.

All children should be able to care for themselves in the toilet.  Boys should be made familiar with the use of a urinal style toilet.

Student Assistance

The School receives a grant to assist parents pay for school purchases e.g. uniforms.  Parents in receipt of Social Security pensions or experiencing financial difficulties may feel free to contact the Principal at any time for assistance.

School Counsellor

A school Counsellor is attached to the school for two days per week to assist the teaching staff in assessing a child's specific needs and/or in compiling special educational programmes for him/her.  The School Counsellor's role can include liaison with parents when necessary.

Custody Orders

If your child is subject to any custody orders which may affect him/her during school hours, please advise the school in writing.  Please give the Principal a copy of any relevant Court Orders.

Name Changes

Occasionally parents request that their child be known by another name.  In such cases parents should make an appointment to see the Principal and bring with them copies of legal documentation.

Lost Property

Parents are strongly urged to label PERMANENTLY and CLEARLY all articles of clothing, bags, lunch boxes and especially jumpers, cardigans and rain wear.

Enquiries regarding lost articles may be made at the Office.  After they remain unclaimed for a period of time, unnamed articles are given to charity.  Uniforms are sold through the Uniform Shop.


Throughout the year money is collected for such things as books, special functions, excursions, etc.  This money is collected first thing each morning by the class teacher and sent to the Office for banking.  Children should not take money to the Office – it must be handed to the class teacher.  It is always very helpful if the correct amount of money is placed in a sealed envelope and labelled with-



                             What money is for

Receipts are issued if requested by parents.  Parents who need help with any payments should make an appointment to speak to the Principal.